Our approach

We maintain a disciplined and focused investment approach that has been the key to our success.

Our investments are based on:

  • Sustainable profitability
  • Capable management
  • Reasonable leverage
  • Favorable industry fundamentals underpinning above average organic growth potential
  • Follow-on acquisitions when possible

Identify Market Leaders in Traditional Industries

Consumer Packaged Goods

The Phoenix Partners team understands the value of a brand, of strategic marketing and keeping pace with consumer preferences. We also know that establishing a brand requires capital and that is why a private equity partnership makes sense.

Niche Manufacturing

At Phoenix Partners we love value-added niche manufacturing. We have specific experience in metal products, engineered components, HVAC, plastics and packaging. We are capable in optimizing manufacturing processes and building global supply chains.

Value-Added Distribution

Phoenix Partners believes that in certain markets and circumstances, distributors can be an essential partner to manufacturers and brand managers. As such, we have considerable interest in this sector. Through the years, we have gained an understanding of brand portfolio management, sourcing, warehouse management ,logistics and retail.

Food processing

Our in-depth knowledge of the agri-food industry allows us to differentiate ourselves, innovate and generate growth for our partners. As Quebec is a leading processor of many food products including chocolate, seafood, maple and organic products in Canada, we know how to identify and leverage the competitive advantages of our companies to maximize exports and brand development.

Establish Strong Partnerships

In our investment process we spend considerable time in getting to know the people, their values and objectives. This is the foundation of a true partnership built for the long term. Our due diligence process serves in establishing the business plan with the owner and the management team.

Building The Business

The business owner usually knows where to invest and what needs to be done to allow the company to progress. However, certain owners are reluctant to take on the associated risks for various reasons or feel they do not have the skills to properly execute the plan. This is where Phoenix Partners can add considerable value. We allow owners to reduce their risk by monetizing part of their investment, we have added capital to deploy and always seek opportunities to strengthen management teams either by recruiting new talent or tapping our extensive network of business advisors. We also focus on optimizing business processes, whether that be in operations, human resources, or financial management. When growth can be accelerated by strategic acquisitions, Phoenix Partners takes on a very active role.

Investment Criteria

$5–15 M
> $25 M
Enterprise Value
> 10%