About us

Who we are

Established in 2012, Phoenix Partners is a private equity group that is focused on acquiring controlling interests in traditional and mid market businesses.

Our mission is simple; we partner with founders, founding families and management to grow their business to new heights.

Our value add

Every partnership is unique. However, each of our companies has the same characteristics. They are well-run, profitable businesses with a leadership position in their market.

Having identified these attributes, we focus on the owner’s objectives and craft our partnership to meet these goals. Our approach is to work with existing owners and management teams to enhance performance, improve profitability and realize market potential.

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Phoenix Partners Value Creation Levers


  • Understand and improve business processes
  • Share the Phoenix Partners team business experience
  • Share our network of external consultants when appropriate
  • Reduce costs, streamline operations, outsource
  • Support the building of a solid management team

Without operational capability, future growth cannot be supported

Top-Line Growth and Margin Expansion

  • Understand the Sustainable Competitive Advantage and clearly define the market positioning
  • This will determine the go-to-market strategy and value proposition
  • Focus on profitable sales and have discipline to refuse business that does not meet profitability criteria
  • Analyze profitability per SKU and customer
  • Review pricing
  • Enhance sales force effectiveness


  • Add-on acquisitions can both accelerate revenue growth and drive margin expansion
  • Opportunity to add management depth and scale

Asset Utilization

  • Cash flow management and asset turnover
  • Rigorous capital allocation analysis

Risk Management

  • Mitigate perceived risks at investment to maximize value
  • Achieve consistent operating results
  • Address any concentration risk through diversification
  • Implement clear governance principals
  • Implement succession plan for owner and fill key positions in the organization


  • Clearly define what is expected of the team and assuring accountability through performance measurement and reporting